Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do and what a typical day for you is like?

  • My day commences with catching up with current world and local news
  • This followed by reading and responding to emails
  • Planning for the day is key for success and focus 
  • Having to respond to urgent requests and challenges would obviously take precedence
  • Part of my day ensure I coach and mentor those I commit to
  • A day is never completed without meetings, customer sessions, strategy and escalations

Did you always know that working in technology was what you wanted to do? How did you decide to go into computer science?

My career in IT was decided by my mom. Her insistence brought about my success today. Once I actually started working in IT, it became my passion.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Still in tech?

I am a tech junkie, I aim to learn something new every day. For me especially now with the evolution of 4IR, the IT journey is going to be an epic ride and I certainly would want front seat.

What difficulties have you faced on your way in tech? Did you ever felt like you were a minority or that you were not treated as equal? Did you face and experience any bias toward women in technology?

Women in IT till recent have always face gender disparity. We had to fight to break through the glass ceiling to prove we are just as capable then men. It has been a long ladder to climb, but once you reach this the view is breath taking. I have also realised that there is no need to make men our enemies, but rather partner with them to achieve the greater good.

If there’s a bias toward women, why do you think it is still there, in the 21st century? Can we, as a society, do something to eliminate this bias?

Yes, there is still a bias. Although technology is advancing rapidly, human emotional intelligence has to play catch up. With time, and patience, character will hopefully advance. With more competent women becoming trail blazers, a good precedence is being set.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in tech industry?

 Having the emotional intelligence that can bridge the gap between humanity and technology.

Who are some leaders in the tech industry who you watch or appreciate? 

Steve Jobs being the first obvious choice. This would be incomplete if I did not mention women such as Manal Al Sharif – continues to break social barriers, and Jasmine Anteunis who has developed ground breaking AI solutions.

What advice would you give your younger self or any woman pursuing a career in the tech industry? 

Be true to yourself and be the best version of you. 

Fun fact about you?

I enjoy adrenaline pumping, high octane fun rides.

What can the delegates at She’s a Boss – Women in Tech expect from you? In few lines, please state the importance of such a platform for women?

These platforms allow woman to get their voices heard. Share experiences and lessons learnt. Share advice and motivate each other. Sometimes women are own worst enemies. We talk about uplifting women but how many of us truly do this. Real leadership is servant leadership and empowering people to allows be better than you.

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