How did you become interested in data?

My first job was in MIS, there I got exposed to process management and analysing data to improve processes. I initially wanted to be a DBA, still wanted to pursue this, available position was in Data Management, before I even knew what that was.

What are some of the biggest challenges that women who want to venture into the world of data analytics face today? 

The biggest challenge any woman faces in any profession is being a woman. The misconception is that data is purely technical, the bigger misconception is that women cannot be technical.

Data analytics perceived as a male-dominated field. What steps should be taken to attract more women to the field? 

To borrow from another industry, just open up the industry. There are a lot of women out there that are capable but do not get the opportunity because corporates are being run as boys’ clubs. It is also critical for those of us that are already in the field to coach, mentor, teach up and coming females about this world. 

Can you pinpoint one moment or person that was instrumental in your decision to pick this career path? 

One thing I have learnt is that data management is more communication. My manager years ago forced to me to move from behind the computer screens and communicate what I had discovered. That’s when I became a DM specialist instead of just sitting and analysing data, which was and still is fun, especially for a geek.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in a career in data analytics? 

A curious mind is all you need.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry? 

The best part is being a woman! The ability to link what the data presents and life.

How could the tech industry be more inclusive for women?

Open up the industry!

Fun fact about you? 

I am FUN. LOL. I really don’t know. I believe in keeping the inner child alive. My inner child rules me.

What can the delegates at She’s a Boss – Women in Tech expect from you? In few lines, please state the importance of such a platform for women? 

Platforms like this are about “finding your Elizabeths. It is easier to learn and to grow from someone who has walked the path you are on, or is walking on the same path.” Sharing whatever little knowledge, I have about the world of Data Management is what I offer.

Join in the conversation at She’s a Boss – Women in Tech this September. Register here.

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